Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It really is an adventure!

     Well once again, it has been about 10 years since I posted a blog.  For those of you that read this, I apologize.  Life has been a little chaotic, at best, recently.  Since June, we have moved back to the States from Japan, lived at my parents' house in Little Rock for 3 months, and are now starting our next chapter in life in Fayetteville.  Wow, that makes me sleepy just thinking about it.  During our time back in the States, we have spent a lot of time driving back and forth between Little Rock & Fayetteville.  We are so glad to be settling in for a while now. 

     As you may or may not know we received some amazing news for our family a month or two ago.  We found out that we had won our appeal for Kenny to be medically retired, not just separated from the Air Force.  This is HUGE on many levels!  Kenny had his last day to report to work with the USAF on September 17.  Due to the fact that my amazing husband is a work-a-holic, he had a ton of leave (vacation) saved up, so he is now on vacation until the end of the year when he will officially retire.  In the military, we are on what is called "terminal leave".  Don't ask me why it's called that because I have no clue!  Kenny now gets to hang out with Austin and me every day until he starts the Walton MBA program at the University of Arkansas in January.  I always knew he wanted to be a Razorback instead of a Sooner!  ;)

     Our family is going to be undergoing a major lifestyle change come January.  Both Kenny & I have felt very strongly about making more financial sacrifices to allow me to continue to stay at home with Austin.  I am not saying that being a working mom is bad at all!  We just feel that this is the right thing for our family. While we are very confident in our choice, we have both been a little concerned about how we were going to make ends meet while he is in school. 

     One day my mom mentioned to me that she saw on TV that Mary Kay Cosmetics was one of the best home businesses.  Like any typical daughter, I let it go in one ear and right out the other.  I mean really, will we always be teenagers at heart on these things?  Mom was definitely on to something because she knows how much I LOVE skin care and makeup.  A few weeks later, my friend Kellie asked if I would talk to her about Mary Kay.  Initially I really did not want to, but after talking to Kenny, I decided I would hear Kellie out. Listening to Kellie and her director talk, I was really starting to like the idea of selling Mary Kay.  The biggest hang up for me was the fact that I have always been a makeup snob.  So, I gave the products a try, and I am in love with them!  The best thing about it is even at retail prices, I am paying less than HALF of what I was paying before.  At this point, I was sold!  I am now officially a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  Most of you are probably thinking that you love what you use, I know, I've been there, but I promise you that if you give Mary Kay a try you will be hooked.  Your wallet will thank you!  Mary Kay is a great company.  Selling Mary Kay is giving me the opportunity to provide for our family without taking me away from my family 40+ hours a week.  Mary Kay operates under the policy of God First, Family Second, and Work Last.  Tell me how many places you can find that in today's world?  If you want to know more about Mary Kay products or how you too can earn some money for your family, please call me or email me at

     As I was sprucing up the old blog a little today, the title of it caught my eye.  Bierman Adventures  When I named this blog I thought it would just be about all of the fun we were going to have in Japan.  Trust me we did plenty of that!  I never imagined that our adventure would now include our life adventure of transitioning out of the military into the civilian world. 

     Kenny, Austin & I are nervous and excited to see what the Lord has in store for us.  He is definitely taking us down a path that we never would have chosen on our own.  We are resting in the fact that He is in control, and He has a plan for our lives.  Friends, if you ever make your way up to Northwest Arkansas, be sure to give us a call!